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Can I Use Any Notary Public?

In Short It Could Truly Depend On The Complexity of Your Documents!

Lets first start with the obvious fact that not all Notary Publics operate equally. That's In regards to their Notary business or if they utilize their power of being a Notary Public as some side hustle to make extra cash on the side. Secondly we must address that Notary Public's and their power comes from the state(s) they are commissioned. For this article we will focus on the state of South Carolina and their requirements to become a Notary Public.

Here are the requirements for an individual to become a Notary Public In The State of South Carolina...…..

  • An Applicant Must To Be At Least 18 Years of Age or Older.

  • Live In The State of South Carolina

  • Have A Clean to Decent Background

  • Be Registered To Vote

  • And Finally, Pay All Necessary Fees.

Not hard at all right. No exam, and barely "A Swear In" process. Now to be fair the state does provide free notary information online and through their free yearly training conferences. My main concern with this current standard is that it's way too easy to be authorized to handle legal documents as a Notary. I do understand that some may say that all a Notary does is check Id and stamp a piece of paper. Honestly that statement does make me laugh often but on the other hand it also shows the result of possible instances where the community has had experience with unprofessional Notaries. Nonetheless a Notary's capabilities goes far past just checking ID and stamping papers. We handle a wide variety of legal documents and if certain documents aren't executed correctly then there could be serious legal consequences that follow.

Something I do look forward to in the near future is the S.C.A.N Committee(South Carolina Advocacy for Notaries). S.C.A.N's mission is to challenge current Notary laws and regulations to make sure they are updated and fair to South Carolina Notary's and the Community entirely. One goal they are pursuing is to make sure there will be some type of exam prior required so current and future Notary Public's are more knowledgeable about their duties, state laws, and responsibilities to their community! This new committee for the Palmetto State will standardize the Notary industry and bring better stability. That in itself will create better service for the community, the main reason we're here!

If you have documents that may be a little complex such as a Deed, POA(Power of Attorney), Will, Loan Documents, Process Service, Etc. Here's a quick checklist to vet your potential Notary Public.

  • How long have they been a Notary

  • How many Notarizations have they successfully completed

  • Do they have knowledge about the specific document you need notarized

  • Have they obtained any certifications in congruence with the Notary industry

  • Do they present themselves professionally in their marketing, social media and physical appearance

I hope this blog serves as a good reference for you when hiring your next Notary!

Blog Written By Antron Holden Sr.

(South Carolina Notary Public For Aiken Notary, LLC)

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