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10 Ways That Will Help You Keep Your New Year Resolution Promises!

We know how hard it can be to start something new, so we've put these 10 steps together for you that may help!

We all know how stressful the end of the year can be! And what's more stressful is the pressure of setting new goals, falling behind on them, and then giving up all together. Lets not have another year of that! In essence all we're doing is pushing our self improvement further behind year after year. So I've decided to share a few....... well 10 tips that will help assess where you are today, what got you here, and how to start and finish the year with plenty of accomplishments to be proud of!

10 Ways To Keep Your New Year's Resolution Promises

1. Ask Yourself……..What Would I Like To Improve In My Life!

(Time To Look Within)

2. Assess Where You Are Now And Ask Yourself…….. What Led Me To Where I Am Today (Be Honest With Yourself)

3. Ask Yourself……. How Will This Improvement Benefit Me, My Family, Friends and Co-Workers. (Whatever You Decide In Life Will Affect Those Around You.)

4. Identify Multiple Reasons To Why You Should Pursue This New Journey (Not Just 1 Why. You Need Multiple Reasons To Keep You Going Throughout The New Year!)

5. Identify What Sacrifices May Be Needed To Achieve My Goal(s) But Also What I Will Gain When I Achieve My Goal(s)! (We Only Have 24hours, Sacrifices Will Need To Be Made.)

6. Visualize What Your Life Will Look Like Once You’ve Achieved One Year Of Working Consistently On Improving In That Area Of Your Life. (Things Are Created Twice, Once In The Mind And Then In Reality.)

7. Calculate The Financial Amount and/or Time It Will Take To Achieve Your One Year Goal (Life Boils Down To Math.)

8. Delegate Reasonable Amounts Of Money and/or Time Towards The Daily Pursuit Of Achieving Your Ultimate Goal. (Set Bite Size Achievable Goals Everyday That Will Create Habit! Can Be Increased Over Time If Needed)

9. Create A Healthy Reward System For Yourself When You Reach A Checkpoint/Milestone. (Reward Yourself Along The Journey To Avoid Burnout or Discouragement.)


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